Parry’s Bellflower

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“See that all are responsible for themselves. At some level, the perfect level for each
person’s experience, they are awake and having the experience they wanted. Honor each
person by seeing their beingness and know it is enough.”

Keywords: responsibility, non-judgment, uniqueness, experience

Habitat: Parry’s Bellflower is a small perennial plant growing to reach a foot tall. It is native to the Western
United States and is a member of the bluebell family, growing in moist soil with only a few plants growing


See the Divine light shining through each life regardless of choices. The Divine light cannot be snuffed out
or die. Know that life provides the perfect blend of experiences for each person. Let go of trying to change
other people. Accept and trust the flow of life and the flow of the Divine in your daily life. See how much
easier life gets when you release over-responsibility, judgment, and striving, especially in spiritual matters.


  • Judgment, over-responsibility, and striving for something unattainable for self and others.
  • Not accepting others or self for who each of us are. Believing that you are not enough spiritually. Life is serious work with not a moment to spare.


“All are awake and having the experience they wanted.”

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