Opium Poppy

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“I can hold you in a dream state that allows looking at yourself differently. I promote self
grace and honor all parts of you in wholeness. Access and utilize all aspects of yourself
with power and strength.”

Keywords: dreams, healing, perspective, awaken, understanding

Habitat: Opium Poppy, also known as Breadseed Poppy, is cultivated for its opium and for poppy seeds. It
is native to the Mediterranean and now mostly grows in gardens as an ornamental flower.


See things differently. Just as the light changes throughout the day and causes things to look differently
from dawn to dusk, I can help you see things differently merely by a change of light. The change of light
creating a change in perspective. Dig deep because I will take you for a ride, exploring all the parts that
you keep in dream time, in the edges of your mind hoping that you will not need to go there.

Opium Poppy entices you to seek out that which you have previously avoided. Opium Poppy provides the
strength and courage to explore in a dreamlike state. Within the dream state, you are able to see truths
without getting triggered and shutting down. You awaken with an understanding of the parts of yourself
that are asking for healing, for acceptance, and to be released from past trauma.


  • Trying to force things to happen, willing it to happen. Ignoring or exiling wounded parts of yourself.
  • Living life in a dream or altered state of consciousness. Finding it difficult to commit.


“Take care of yourself and it will happen.”

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