Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“I walk the road of life moment by moment. I give you the strength to be soft, the way to feel protected, and the love that makes all of it possible.”

Keywords: softness, strength, companionship, buffer, consoling

Habitat: Magnolia, also known as Saucer Magnolia, grows as a broad shrub or small tree in temperate climates of England and the United States that get consistent and regular moisture throughout the year. It needs to be protected from strong winds. It blooms in March and April before leaves are mature.


Magnolia helps in each step of your journey. It walks the path of life with you providing shelter, warmth, and buffering you from the outside world. It helps you slow down and teaches the art of caring for and nurturing yourself.

Feel the power of softness. Find companionship, love, and nurturing. Feel the soft cocoon to retreat, rest, and be restored. Soften your boundaries to balance. Feel connected to your inner knowing to understand what balance looks like for you. See the strength of an open heart. The beauty, healing, and strength in receiving love. I will help you feel loved, safe, and enfolded in a soft blanket of warmth.

Magnolia relaxes areas that hold chronic tension. It calms the center of the brain to ease anxiety and worry. It helps you to feel more comfortable going with the flow especially the unknown future. It brings calm in the storm of uncertainty. Magnolia supports healing after a trauma by grounding and connecting you to your inner healer.

Hear me all you that labor lost in thought, dread, and uncertainty, for I bring an offering. My leaves hold the information of long ago, lost to the conscious mind but not forgotten. Take me as I am. The key to unlocking sight, sound, and understanding of what has been. Know yourself. Feel deeply beyond all senses to that place of knowing without knowing why.


  • Anxiety, mental chatter, looking outside of yourself for healing. Protecting yourself by closing off your heart, leaving your body. Feeling scattered, alone, or overwhelmed.


“Feel loved and do not be afraid.”

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