Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card


“Stand strong in who you are and what you want. Believe that you can have it! Sparks of creative genius. Remember the vastness of your strengths and accomplishments.”

Keywords: strong, creativity, simplicity, belief, compassion, connection

Habitat: Dianthus grows as an ornamental ower throughout most of
the temperate United States. It is native to China, Korea, Mongolia, and
Southeastern Russia.


Find compassion for yourself. You heal even when you cannot see it
outwardly. Promotes inward teaching before outward expression. Inner work before outer changes especially in intuitive work.

See the light within all of us. See how the light covers the darkness. Dianthus supports forging into the unknown dark places with the excitement of discovery, a deeper knowing, and a gift yet to be uncovered. Seek out the mysteries of yourself by being wrapped in the security of inner knowing, being compelled to traverse into the unknown places of yourself.

Understand the truths of the universe. Dianthus helps to distill
universal truths into language you can understand with self-grace
surrounding the time and involvement needed to do that. Expresses
complicated or complex things with simplicity. Simple being complex
and complex described simply. Power of opposing forces causing
growth. Sparks of creative genius. The “Ah-ha” moment of enlightened

The leaves ask you to remember the vastness of your own strengths
and accomplishments.


  • Breaks victim archetype to support free will and co-creating by breaking the lie that you are alone and no one supports you. Feeling alone, isolated, unsupported.
  • Breaks using imagination for fear and doubt instead of trusting in the way, the path, the unfolding, the now.
  • Shutting down because things seem too complicated. Doubting yourself or your abilities.


“Stand strong in who you are and what you want. Believe that you
can have it!”

“You are not alone. Embrace the community of those that love and
support you.”

Illustration: Casey Wait ©2018

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