Craniosacral Therapy III

Body Dialogue

Building on previous classes, CranioSacral III continues to develop subtle palpation skills by introducing techniques to address extremities.   CST III explores more extensively the healing possibilities that are available when craniosacral therapy is used to treat the whole person on all levels-mind, body and emotions.  The focus is on utilization of previous tools to effectively treat and manage patients.   Student’s work in a multi-hands format. Prerequisite CSTII: Cranial Connection.

Learning Objectives:
1.    Improve palpation and whole-body evaluation skills by working in a multi-hands format.
2.    Understand the physiology of trauma
3.    Aid in releasing body memory
4.    Specific suture release
5.    Energetic assessment and treatment
6.    Exploring the seven tools for healing
7.    Somato-emotional dialog techniques
8.    Mid-tide and Long tide palpation
9.    Learning common themes in treatment
“I appreciated the time and space to pay attention to the bigger picture. This class really helped me with general listening skills and removing my subjective brain from the scenario. I really appreciated Faith’s deep understanding of the potential for this kind of work and her ability to share it with her class in a clear way.” R.B. ND/AOM student at Bastyr University.

“I really loved being able to work on the emotional plane-I’ve been waiting for this class!  I also enjoyed incorporating gemstones, flower essences, and tibetan bowls with the deeper cranial work.” E.B. Seattle, WA

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