Advanced Techniques

Advanced Techniques broadens craniosacral techniques to include the appropriate use of direct techniques, intraosseous bone palpation and remodeling, body centered movement and advanced techniques for spine mobilization, suture release, cranial base release, occipital angle release, maxillary arch remodeling, sinus drainage technique, mandibular ligament and meniscus release, intraosseous mandible release, and brain palpation, motility assessment and balancing techniques.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the benefits and use of direct techniques
2. Explore intraosseous bone palpation and remodeling
3. Practice body centered movement
4. Exploring advanced techniques in spine mobilization
5. Learn specific brain palpation, assessment and balancing techniques
6. Explore releases for the mandible and sinuses
7. Understand the physiology, compensation patterns and specific assessment for cranial base restrictions
8. Learn specific release techniques for all areas of the cranial base
9. Improve palpation sensitivity and assessment specificity

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