Blue Palo Verde

“My gift is in clearing out the old to make space for the new. The longer I am used the deeper the layers that will clear. Every time I am used, I clear a layer of old. The rest is your decision.”

Keywords: clearing, sweeping, electric, transformative

Habitat: Blue Palo Verde grows in the Sonoran desert in Arizona and California. The name means green stick in Spanish referring to the branches and trunk that are green and photosynthesize along with the leaves.


Blue Palo Verde does not use lots of words. Its message in more physical, sweeping through the body in a circular way clearing the first three energy fields before starting to clear the physical body: organs, muscles, brain, nervous system, and joints. Once the organs of the body are cleared, it clears the spaces between the organs, between the fascia, and between the layers of muscle. It feels like a breeze, wind blowing through the body continuing to circle and sweep through
an area until it is clear, pushing what is cleared out of the body and energy fields.

It is a continual process until each area is completely cleared. It clears out what is your own or others’, carrying it all away be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. The thoughts, memories, emotions, and beliefs that no longer serve you. It has the energy of a thunderstorm: electrical, transitional, and transformative. Clearing with the electrical spark of motivation for whatever comes next. No judgment for how you proceed. No judgment on how many times you need to clear and use it. It is generous and unlimited in its help.

It creates and holds space for yourself to emerge in a clearer way after all the space in the body is swept clear. The calm after the storm, the rebuilding: opportunity and the choice to do it differently. To start fresh and rethink old patterns with a clean slate going forward.


  • Holding other peoples emotions, memories, and thoughts. Empathic people who do not know they are carrying other people’s stuff.
  • Consciously taking on other people’s issues in an attempt to help them.
  • Holding onto the past and past emotions in the physical body creating physical pain or discomfort.


“I offer support that things can change, do change, and will change over time through releasing the old to make space for the new.”

Illustration: Faith Christensen ©2018

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