Dr Faith Christensen Welcomes You To VitaVis

VITA VIS / life force

the force that fuels life

an energy that exists in all living things

a power within you

VITA VIS is founded on the importance of honoring all life: developing and connecting to our inner life and the life that unfolds externally. Our life force drives, motivates, and fuels our creative power and our inner compass. VITA VIS describes the vital force that is within each and everyone of us.

VITA VIS focuses on ways of connecting to the inherent life force that is within each of us. The inner knowing of how to heal and the path to health.

VITA VIS offerings include online consultations, online classes, plant essences, books, 54 plant essence card set, jewelry, 8×10 matted prints, and greeting cards.

Comprehensive Guide to Flower Essence and Developing Your Intuition

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54 Plant Essence Cards

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