Rocky Mountain Juniper

Excerpt from Honoring The Wisdom in Nature Pocketbook Edition with 54 Plant Essence Card

“I am here to honor, ignite, and shine light on all of life. Trust in the Divine and enjoy the freedom in co-creating. Seeds of self- integration: releasing, honoring, accepting, and moving on.”

Keywords: deep rest, peace, expansive, self-integration

Habitat: Rocky Mountain Juniper grows on hillsides, fields, pastures, and in woodlands. It can be found from British Columbia south to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, and Montana.


Encourages deep rest. There is a plan. It will all be okay: rest and see. Know that you cannot rush time or destiny. Juniper gives light to all that seek it. Everything has a season and is planned. There is nothing wasted and nothing is a mistake. Trust in the higher plan for yourself and enjoying the freedom in co-creating. Rocky Mountain Juniper is all-knowing with everything in its time. Light, like life, takes many shapes, sizes, intensity, and contrast. I am here to honor, to ignite, and shine light on all of life. Breathe in all the way to your feet. Breathe out the unknown, the fear that comes with beliefs that no longer serve you. Expand your awareness beyond the constructs of time. I can expand your mind to give you a bigger box to hold all you know.

The berries ask you to let go of looking for things you cannot see.
There is much to do, to grow and learn with what is right in front of
you. That is enough and you are enough. Your expression is perfect
because it is you. Seeds of self-integration: releasing, honoring,
accepting, and moving on.

The stems speak of taking life bit by bit. Piece by piece you learn,
grow and understand. That is life. That is enough. Honor the process in
yourself and you will be able to honor it in life. You will know peace,
joy, and acceptance of both past and present.


  • Judgement, shoulds, or shame.
  • Fear based beliefs or rigid viewpoints.


“My being delights in all expressions of life in all shades.”

“Life provides the script and you show up. The beauty in simplicity
and how complex that can be.”

Illustration: Casey Wait ©2018

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