Craniosacral Therapy II

Cranial Connection

Attention becomes more specifically focused on the structures of the head and mouth.  Incorporating and expanding an understanding of the cranial bones, the student is taught to access and correct lesion patterns of the sphenoid, occiput, maxilla, vomer, ethmoid, palatines, zygoma and auditory canals.   Treating geriatrics, pediatrics and common conditions is also discussed and/or demonstrated. Students work in groups of two or three. CST I techniques are reviewed. Prerequisite CST I.

“I really appreciated the guidance, having someone check what you are feeling and be open to questions.”-AS, Seattle, WA
“This was a great refresher for anatomy of bones, sutures and facial anatomy that helped to create a visual so that when working I had the ability to feel more connected to my intention.  I liked the demonstrations as well because they allowed me to see how everything is actually performed–really helpful!!”-AK, Seattle, WA
“I most appreciate the pace, explanation and depth of knowledge of the instructors and the small class size enabling Dr. Faith and the TA’s to come around and assist our hand-on learning. Faith creates a safe space for learning and healing that is essential for learing this beautiful practice.”-AH, Seattle, WA
“I really enjoyed the fact that throughout the course there was an emphasis on respecting the body.  I believe that this forces you to stay connected and really experience what is going on for each individual that you work with.”-KM,  Seattle, WA
“The excellent and detailed description fo anatomy makes the hands-on exercises very accessible and rewarding. Overall a very warm and compassionate learning environment.”-RF, Seattle, WA

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